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Cast iron casters Ductile iron casters

Wanda Iron Casters include Gray iron caster, Ductile iron casters, Semi steel casters and V-groove cast iron casters. Iron Caster Wheels are recommended for heavy loads or for applications where floor protection and noise reduction are not important. These cast iron caster wheels have exceptionally long wear life and are fully machined for concentricity. Cast iron caster wheels are ideal for warehousing, manufacturing and general material handling. In addition, they can be used in temperature extremes.

What is a cast iron caster

Cast iron is iron or a ferrous alloy which has been heated until it liquefies, and is then poured into a mould to solidify. It is usually made from pig iron. The alloy constituents affect its colour when fractured: white cast iron has carbide impurities which allow cracks to pass straight through. Grey cast iron has graphitic flakes which deflect a passing crack and initiate countless new cracks as the material breaks.Cast iron caster wheels is just made of this cast iron material.

Cast Iron Caster Wheels Applications

Cast iron caster wheel, sometimes referred to as semi-steel caster wheel, offers the highest tensile strength in the industry (30,000 psi). A cost-effective solution for high capacity applications. These iron caster wheels provide high capacity and are less expensive than forged steel caster wheels. They are practical for use on wood block or hardened smooth concrete. On untreated concrete they tend to cause rapid floor deterioration. Although the treads are machined smooth to minimize floor wear, iron caster wheels are not recommended where floor or cargo protection is needed. Gray iron is a tough, long wearing material, but it does not have the impact strength of ductile or forged steel. These caster wheels withstand shock and impact in all but the most severe applications.

China Cast Iron Casters manufacturer and OEM service

Wanda Caster manufactures and supplies quality cast iron casters and wheels since 1986.

Wanda's cast iron caster wheels are engineered for loads from 280 to 8,000 lbs. in applications that require greater capacity and better distribution of floor load. Wheel diameters from 2inch to 16inch with a tread width of 1inch to 4inch.

Find Quality Cast Iron Casters and Wheels At Wanda Caster

Iron casters, Light duty casters Iiron casters, Light duty swivel casters Brake Iron casters Threaded stem iron casters Locking iron casters
1-2.5      22-77      1.5-3.3 1-2.5      22-77      1.5-3.3 1.5-2.5      44-77      2.1-3.3 2-2.5      66-77      2.56-3.2 2-2.5      66-77      2.56-3.2

Fixed iron casters

Swivel iron casters

Locking iron casters

Threaded swivel casters

Thread brake casters

Gray iron fixed casters Gray iron swivel casters Gray iron casters Gray iron swivel casters Industrial iron casters
2          150          2.9 2          150          2.9 3          260          3.89 3          260          3.89 2-4       125-500       2.3-5

Fixed iron casters

Swivel iron casters

Fixed casters

Swivel casters

Swivel casters

Fixed iron casters Swivel iron casters Threaded iron casters Industrial iron casters Industrial iron casters
2-5         130-280        2.4-5.9 2-5         130-280        2.4-5.9 2-5         130-280        2.4-5.9 3-8         110-485       3.75-9.25 3-8         110-485       3.75-9.25

Fixed iron casters

Swivel iron casters

Threaded swivel casters

Swivel casters

Swivel casters

Industrial casters Industrial casters Industrial casters V-grooved casters V-grooved swivel casters
4-10      990-1400       5.5-11.5 4-10      990-1400       5.5-11.5 4-10      990-1400       5.5-9.4 4-6      550-1300      5.5-7.4 4-6     550-1300     5.5-7.4

Fixed casters

Swivel caster

Brake casters

V-Grooved fixed casters

V-Grooved casters

V Groove casters Ductile casters Ductile iron swivel casters Heavy duty casters V groove gate casters
6-8      890-1330       7.7-10.0 6-8      1300-1500       7.7-10.0 6-8      1650-1800       7.6-9.8 6-8      550-770     3.1-4.56

V groove swivel casters

Swivel iron casters

Swivel casters

Heavy duty casters

V groove gate casters


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